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I'm Trevor Molloy an accredited Humanists UK Wedding Celebrant 

I design, write and conduct legal, non-religious, humanist wedding ceremonies anywhere in Northern Ireland.


March 2023. Delighted to have one of my weddings featured on Rock My Wedding.

Read about Cicely and Andrew's wedding at the Wooltower here.

Delighted that one of my weddings was chosen to feature on the Humanist Ceremonies Wedding Blog
Read about Lauren and Chris's humanist wedding here.

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Thank you for yesterday. It was just perfect and so beautiful. We loved every second and all our guests have said to us about how much they enjoyed it, I think we’ve converted quite a lot of people to humanist ceremonies! You were just wonderful! Thank you again, for everything.

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About me

I'm a full time humanist celebrant. I retired a few years ago from an international career in software development management. Which of course is totally irrelevant except that I am now able to devote all my time and life experience in support of the humanist and non-religious community. Now I just do ceremonies, so all my time is yours; except when I’m riding my bike, which takes priority over everything.


My weddings are full of fun, laughter, joy and happiness. If this sounds like you, then read on. Of course if you want a serious and sombre wedding I’ll try, but why?


And if your guests don’t leave saying ‘this was the best wedding ever’, then I’ve failed!

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What is a humanist wedding?

A Humanist wedding is a legal, non-religious marriage designed, written, and conducted by a Humanists UK accredited celebrant specially for you. Each ceremony is unique. There is no set script, content or format; it’s your wedding so it’s your choice. You can choose the style that’s right for you; and you can choose your own words, readings, music and symbolic gestures. In the months before the wedding, I will get to know you and your style and guide you through all this to help you create your perfect ceremony.


Humanists UK celebrants can conduct legal Humanist weddings. So if you want a non-religious wedding and you don’t want to go a registry office, you’re in the right place.

Who can can have a humanist wedding?

Anybody. Assuming of course you've already found someone you want to marry and you meet all the legal requirements, which in summary is  - at least 16 years old, not related, not currently married or in a civil partnership.

Naturally all Humanists UK celebrants are delighted to conduct same-sex marriages.

And if you are from outside Northern Ireland, you may need to provide additional documentation but your marriage will legal in your home country.

More info here.....

Why have a humanist wedding?

There are many reasons and benefits.


Perhaps you want:​

  • A meaningful ceremony that isn’t religious

  • To marry outdoors or any location of your choice 

  • The flexibility to create a unique ceremony that expresses your personality and style

  • A relationship of trust so your celebrant gets to know you and respects your choices

  • The confidence your celebrant is trained to the highest standard by, and you have the support of, a national organisation, Humanists UK

  • To align with an organisation that strongly promotes human rights, equality, diversity and tolerance

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Where can we get married?

In Northern Ireland, Humanists UK celebrants can marry you almost anywhere you want.


I say almost because we can’t use churches and registry offices, or any weird or unsuitable places, like abseiling half way down a cliff (although I might consider it).

Apart from that, it’s your choice. Whether it’s a normal wedding venue, your home or garden, on a beach or in a forest, or maybe where you got engaged or anywhere that has a special significance for you both.

When can we get married?

Any day of the year and any time you want. Unlike civil registrars, Humanists UK celebrants (like me) can even conduct legal weddings on a Sunday or Christmas Day.

With the popularity of Humanist weddings, I am often booked up far ahead for the most popular times: May, June, August, bank holidays, especially Fridays and Saturdays so my advice is to choose and book your celebrant as soon as you know your date. Even if you have a date in mind I am happy to reserve it for you for a few weeks at no cost until you get your arrangements sorted.

Check my calendar for availability 

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How do we do this?

Give me a call, or send me an email with your wedding date and venue if you have one.
And I may be retired but I can still cope with Instagram or FB messages.

I’ll let you know if I’m available on your date and then, if you are interested, we can have a zoom call or meet up  and I'll explain everything.  Then you can decide if I'm a good match for your match :)

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